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Information on different types of fencing.

Fencing can offer great looks, resale value, help achieve the best return on your rental, keep your pets safe, and add privacy and security for your family. After all good fencing makes good neighbours.

The challenge as a customer looking for a new fence is everyone thinks they can build a fence (and they generally can), however only experience can guarantee the best looking fence for your home. A fence done well will add value to your home, where as a poor job will become an eye sore. This is what sets us apart from most fencers in Brisbane, we are happy to take the little extra time to do a superior job compared to someone just looking to get in and out as quickly as possible. Ultimately as the customer only you can decide whether that cheap quote really will give you a end finish your looking for, so heres a few things to think about, and a few pros and cons on each type of fencing for you to weigh up which is better suited to your job.

Timber fencing

Pros of timber fencing.

1.8m (6 foot) Timber fencing is the most traditional style and most common used style of fencing. The advantages to timber over colorbond is

  • Cost: For experienced fencers timber is the quickest to construct, and the materials are readily available and rarely change in price. For standard fencing with the palings butted up together this style of fencing will almost always be your cheaper option unless you wish to change the style to something like double lapped palings or add a capping rail ontop of the fence.
  • Strength: A timber fence has more stength over a colorbond fence which is something you may need to consider when children or large dogs are involved. A timber fence will easily stay strong when a ball is kicked into it or a large dog may press up against or run into when playing with another dog.
  • Versitility for sloping blocks: Timber fencing can easily flow the slopes and height changes of your block compared to doing a colorbond fence (properly). Timber is easier and quicker to work with which keep costs down.
  • Termite and rot protection: All timber these days are CCA treated against rot and termites to give it the longest life possible (when installed and constructed properly). Timber is still a natural product however and the life of the timber will vary between jobs depending on what tree it was cut from, and other factors such as how much sun and moisture it may get over its life.

  • Cons of timber fencing.

  • Weathering: Left without paint your fence will weather and slightly change colour over the years. Again this is to be expected and no concern to most people, however you may want to consider giving your new fence a coat of paint to keep it looking as sharp as the day it went up for years to come.

  • Colorbond fencing

    Pros of colorbond fencing.

    1.8m (6 foot) Timber fencing is the most traditional style and most common used style of fencing. The advantages to timber over colorbond is

  • Looks: What most people opt for thie style of fencing. Colorbond panels look the same on both sides, and with being powdercoated from factory will not fade or change colour for years to come.
  • Termite and rot protection: Colorbond fences are obviously safe from termites, and when installed and looked after correctly wont suffer from rot or rust.

  • Cons of colorbond fencing.

  • Lack of strength with infill sheets: The infill sheets are only a few mm wide, while for a standard fence this will suffice, bear in mind if you or your neighbours have children that like to kick a ball on occasion or large dogs panels may get small dents. In the worst case any damaged infill sheets can be easily replaced if necessary by simply unscrewing the top rail.
  • Sloping fencing/panels cost slightly extra to do properly: Ever seen those colorbond fences that have been installed level on a sloping block and leave a huge gap underneath the fence or "steps" in the fence height leaving the fence looking like a complete eye sore? We dont build those. To install colorbond fencing on sloping areas of land larger infill sheets must be purchased to allow the top and bottom of the infill sheets to be cut so the panel looks like it should, however alot of installers either dont know how to do this or cant be bothered to do it properly. The reality is the larger sheets and the additional time for labour to install sloping panels all incur a slightly increased install price, however if you want your colorbond fence done right this is the only way to do it.

  • Modular Fencing

    If you're looking for a more high end / designer product we now also supply and install a unique modular fencing system that is designed and manufactured right here in Brisbane.

  • Looks: Get the designer look for around half the price of a traditional rendered brick or block wall.

  • Compare apples with apples:

    Make sure to compare all your quotes to check you are getting quoted for the same product. Some contractors offer things like timber fencing with pine posts to save costs on the fence and come across cheaper, however using something like a pine post (even while treated) to go into the ground will give your fence a far less life span over using a hardwood post which costs slightly more.

    All our post holes are done with machinery and a 250mm auger, we also carry saws and rock breakers to get through any ground so the fence posts are in the required 600mm depth. Are your other quotes allowing for machinery, or for someone to dig by hand or a little hand powered auger? what happens if they hit tree roots or rock under the ground, will they be able to get the posts into the ground for the required depth for a reliable fence or are they going to come back and ask for more money for machine hire?

    Did you know: Even our timber fences are pool safe approved designs. So if down the line you decide you want to put a pool in, you won't need to pay a 2nd time for new fencing thats pool safe compliant.

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